Landscaping Supplies
  • Decorative stones
  • Firth pavers, chimneys and open fireplaces
  • Bark, mulch, compost and topsoil
  • Sand, lime chip and shell
  • Cement and builder’s mix
  • Hardwood sleepers
Landscaping supplies can be purchased by the m3 or in 20 litre bags.  Purchases can be delivered.
For enquiries re all landscaping supplies please call the office on 07 863 5340 –

Need help calculating how much product you need?
Calculate the area you want to cover and the depth of product you want.  For example, an area 40m long and 1.5m wide with a depth of 25mm material
40m x 1.5m x 0.025m – 1.5m3
1 m3 of builders mix and 8 x 25kg bags cement will make approx. 750m3 of concrete.
We recommend the following depths of products:
  • River stones – 80mm
  • Bark or mulch – 60-80mm
Lime chip, small metals/stones – 50mm
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